Our Team:


Jack Bandoni: synthesizer guitar, audio, financial consultant, songwriter, publisher

John Forsythe: baritone/tenor/falsetto vocalist, bass guitar

Rob Javarey: bass/baritone vocalist, rhythm guitar, paralegal

Jerry Fournier: vocalist, drums, bookings






Jack: Pre-Beatles: born in Boston, he grew up with a piano, guitar, snare drum, bongos, and a harmonica in the house.  Moved to the Bay Area of California at age 7, he played trumpet in the Mt. Eden School District Regional Honor Band and a parade marching band.  Moved to CT, he took private lessons on the trumpet until age 14.  Beatles era to now: switched to electric guitar when The Beatles hit the US.  Moved to MD at age 15, he was instrumental in forming a psychedelic rock band which became the "Piece Kor."  Jack has continued to self study guitar and music all of his life.  He spent 2 years at Muzak in the late 70's, purchased an Arp Avatar in 1980, played as a one-man band in 1981, copyrighted his first album "One-Man Bandoni" in 1985, and continued practicing in the 90's.  At the end of 2002, in his first home/office/music studio (Providence, RI), a new band was formed.  In 2003, he began studying "audio"; in 2006 the new band was named "The Neo-Retro Band."  In 2008, Jack began using ProTools (thanks to Rick @ Parsons Audio, Wellesley, MA).  Gearwise, Jack currently prefers his Schecter 7 string guitar, an Avid Eleven Rack, and a Roland GR-33 synthesizer.


John: Bass, vocals, resident audio/video file.  He has been a song collector and a singer most of his life; bass guitar since 2007.  He grew up in a house with musical influences from Motown, oldies, disco, jazz, country, classical, world and heavy metal.  He has attended live concerts since the age of 16 and has sung publicly since 1989 beginning with church and continuing with Karaoke in 2001.  Played guitar, drums, keyboards, briefly before settling in on the bass guitar.  He is our main lead singer, assistant DJ and has assisted with recording.  John sings with the Grace Bible Church Choir and also solos for the congregation in Somerset, MA.  John designed our new logo in the winter of 2017.


Rob: Guitar, bass baritone vocals, paralegal, etc.  Rob took guitar lessons from Ed West while living in Hendersonville, NC, circa1980-1981.  He practiced with a couple of garage bands in the 80's as well as open mic nights at the Dutch Inn in Hendersonville.  He moved back to RI in 1990 and started singing karaoke in 1995 at Finnigan's Wake.  He became a regular with Jonathan Scungio at Bogie's in Johnston, RI, circa 2001.  He regularly did open mic at the Custom House Tavern and Everymans Bistro and has played live at parties with 2 groups of friends.  He has been practicing and playing out, occasionally, with The Neo-Retro Band since 2007.  He does many of the write-ups for our band.  He sings with the Alliance France Chorale.


Jerry: drums, vocals, bookings.  Tel: 401.742.0200/email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..  Jerry played drums in the La Salle Academy High School (Providence, RI) marching band from 1964-67 and in the La Salle concert band from 66-67.  He took voice lessons from Sandra Hamel, Portsmouth, RI in 2004.  Jerry became a member of The Neo-Retro Band in 2009.  Jerry is a graduate of Providence College.  Jerry does Karaoke all over the state.   



Affiliated and Former Members:



George Albro: vocalist, rhythm guitar, songwriter  

Rita DiCarlo: dramatic spinto vocalist, keyboard

Kelly Cleveland: mezzo-soprano vocalist, cowbell 

Mirya Royal: vocals, percussion, guitar, songwriter. . .

Mike Kinnane: drums